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I'm Cogito. A first-year PhD candidate researching the chemistry from which life could have originated by day. Secretly (not anymore) planning for my own science engagement and education empire by night...or whenever I have time.


My goal is to give you an inside look at the ongoing progress on answering one of the BIGGEST questions in science and highlight some of our breakthroughs. Origins-of-life research spans across space and time; from the chemical interactions between molecules to the formation of star systems, from rocks and atmosphere 3.8 billion years ago to extant biology.

I'll also document what I come across on my journey of studying the art of science engagement. My inspirations range from books, games, Youtube channels, and real-life initiatives and I would love to share them with you all. 

Every now and then, I'll post an update on my life. We'll see if coffee has replaced me blood just yet.


INTP. An aspiring storyteller (in text, video, and game formats). A dancing (especially ballroom) and arts&crafts enthusiast. An enjoyer of filter coffee and alcohol. An anime, manga, and Vtuber fan. 


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